'Reflected Gulf Life Tower'

Glenn Wins Another AIA Award for Photography

What a pleasant surprise I got last night at the 2017 AIA (American Institute of Architects) Awards Gala. I was blessed to receive the 'Linda Mack Award' for 'Promotion of architecture and design in the community through outstanding photography and artistic talent.' I am so grateful for my series of books getting a very nice validation.


Glenn's Book Recognized at AIA Gala

At the 2012 Jacksonville AIA Awards Gala Glenn received the President's Award for Outstanding Achievement in recognition of his table top book '66 Distinctive Homes of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL'  that was published December, 2012.

I was on a photo shoot for the Revised 2nd Edition of our sold out 'Distinctive Homes Of America - Lake Geneva, WI' book. When driving from Midway Chicago to Lake Geneva, WI, I had a chance to stop in Oak Park, IL to visit Frank Loyd Wright's home studio. Within 3 blocks of it are 8 of his houses that he designed. Imagine coming up with these types of design in the 1900-1910 era? It was an overcast day but I still got to photograph most of them.

Creativity & The Architect's Brain

Image by Stuart Kinlough

Neuroscientists keep trying to unlock the mystery of what sparks visionary thinking and artistic invention. But they haven’t gotten all that far, according to Nancy Andreasen, author of 'The Creating Brain: The Neuroscience of Genius' (2005). Nineteenth-century theorizing that linked creativity to traits such as left-handedness and stammering haven’t been borne out, and neither has the left-brain/right-brain distinction (the one on the right was the part you were supposed to use in artistic ventures) that sold so many magazines in the 1980s. Even the common-sense assumption that originality correlates directly with intelligence has been debunked: the consensus today is that success in a creative field requires a threshold IQ of around 120—equivalent to about the 90th percentile—but, beyond that, you don’t have to be an Einstein to be Einstein. One problem, Andreasen notes, is that modern neuroscience relies heavily on putting subjects in MRI machines that measure activation in different regions of the brain under specific conditions, but, once you get them in there, how do you detect creativity? Wait for them to compose a symphony or design a building in their heads?

ICAA = Institute of Classical Architecture & Art

The IBShow (International Builders' Show):

The NAHB's International Builders' Show was held at the Orlando Convention Center from 2/8 to 2/11/12. Just a few years ago some 160,000 people attended this convention (the biggest of its kind in the world). The 2012 attendance barely reached 50,000 people - a sign of the times.

IBShow 2012 'Show Home' Interior

Glenn Hettinger attended eight different classes on design of new homes, visited the 2012 show home and walked the exhibits floors to learn all that was new in the industry. Two items that were mentioned the most were the emphasis on an outdoor living area and the need for a "COSTCO- sized Pantry.'

January 22-24, 2013 the NAHB IBShow switched back to its alternate home in Las Vegas, NV.

Glenn & his Son Greg had a thrill of a life time whitnessing first hand Florida State's 34-31 win over Auburn in the 2014 BCS National Championship played in the Rose Bowl.