Our Idea of Client Service:

"Do Unto the Client as The Client Wants to be Done Unto"

One size does not fit all. Each client has their own set of needs and desired communications.

We ask our clients lots of questions until we really understand their objectives. What do they expect to get from our firm in trade for the time and fees that they will be investing with us? And how frequently and by what means do they want to be communicated with?


We then strive to provide exactly the services that our clients need but not more than what they want to invest in. Afterall, Every design decision has a related project cost or savings.

"Big House" 4-Unit Condominium - Design Schemes #5 above and #21 below in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Schematic Design (SDs) and some Design Development (DDs) can and should be drawn by hand by the designer. This encourages the exploration of many ideas before settling on an inferior direction or solution because it's in CAD..


GDH Architects prefers to do this drawing on layer after layer of 'tracing paper' with the client sitting beside the designer critiquing all of the ideas as they happen. An amazing amount of design gets accomplished this way in very short periods of time. ...And it gives the Owners a real sense of ownership of the final design.